A Pangendered Cyborg of Our Times: An Interview with Jaime del Val



Politically engaged art practices have been important inputs for feminist theory throughout history. In the contemporary art landscape, the work of Spanish multimedia artist Jaime del Val proves to be as innovative as it is provocative in how it reflects complex phenomena – from the undoing of traditional understandings of bodies and identities, to the capitalism of affects and the influence of surveillance technologies. Del Val’s expressive strategies such as combining urban interventions with microcameras, and dance movements electronically coded and turned into visual images, create engaged artistic projects such as his ‘Antibodies of Surveillance’ and ‘European TelePlateaus’, respectively. The interview format allows for the exchange of first-hand information from a creative and multidisciplinary posthuman standpoint that questions dichotomous thinking in terms of sex/gender, human/non-human, activism/academy, ability/disability, among others. The result is a mapping of the work of this transnational artist that might inspire fruitful debates on ways to develop alternatives for social, cultural and political change.


  • Volume: 1 Issue: 2
  • Page/Article: 78-88
  • DOI: 10.18573/ipics.46
  • Published on 1 Oct 2010
  • Peer Reviewed